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Sunday, December 25, 2011


 New Lead Trumpet Program!
This program is designed for the non- lead trumpeter thinking of becoming a lead trumpet player AND The Professional Lead Trumpet Player wanting to move up to the final frontier of Lead Trumpet Playing: ROB MCCONNELL, MAYNARD FERGUSON, DUKE ELLINGTON'S HARDEST CHARTS, CAT ANDERSON, BUDDY RICH, BILL CHASE, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, CHICAGO, MICHAEL JACKSON, AL JARREAU, EARTH WIND AND FIRE, MIAMI SOUND MACHINE!

This is not your Father's Leave It To Beaver WOODCHOPPER'S BALL kinda Lead Trumpet Playing! NOPE!

Please CLICK HERE for an hour tutorial in High Definition and overview of this 3 month long online trumpet program!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

jazz trumpet lessons and more

Jazz Trumpet Lesson #1

As an improviser, one of my main goals is to be able to play what I hear immediately. This is the basis of my improvisation education.

An improviser is a type of composer. One of the most important things a composer/improviser can do is to listen to as much music as possible and learn how to translate what he or she hears into a performance or composition. This will help immensely when one attempts to translate one's own ideas into a performance or composition.

You can start to develop your translating abilities by mimicking recorded sounds that are easy to recognize, such as major scales or blues scales.

Your first assignment is to learn and perform as little as two or as many as all choruses of Miles Davis' solo on "Trane's Blues" by listening to the recording, on the CD Workin'. If you do not have this recording, please purchase it here.

Miles uses notes from the C major scale and the C blues scale throughout.
C Major: C D E F G A B C
C Blues: C Eb F F# G Bb C

Listen carefully to each phrase as many times as needed. Practice each phrase on your instrument and then play along with Miles. Try to mimic everything exactly as Miles plays it -the rhythm, articulation, style, dynamics, everything. Do not worry about writing anything down. It is more important to listen and play back at this point.

If this solo is too difficult for you, please try learning the melody "Sonnymoon for Two" by Sonny Rollins. The CD, "The Best of Sonny Rollins" on Blue Note has a good recording of this as well as others. The melody is mostly a decending blues scale (minus one note) and repeats itself three times. Please do not use written music (you must rely upon your ears).

Have fun and please share your comments below.


Xenoman said...
Hey Bobby. I've been gone for a while but stopped in to visit. Excellent lesson here. The ironic thing is that I'm working on this solo now!
Anonymous said...
Cool site, Bobby. I like your philosophy of improv. This is a very practical lesson. Thanks. -Robert from Grace

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jazz Trumpet Lessons


Top 20 Trumpet Websites, Best Trumpet Sites, and Trumpet Tips!


The Trumpet is a great instrument whether jazz trumpet or solo trumpet,  but requires a very strong embouchure. What kind of trumpet notes require this type of strong embouchure? High C, Double C, and Triple C all would require a strong embouchure to play these high trumpet notes.  A trumpeter must take trumpet lessons to increase skill level. Trumpeters like Maynard Ferguson playing the trumpet solo, Give It One, and Bill Chase playing the trumpet solo, Get It On, had a very strong trumpet embouchure. Trumpets are made out of brass and make a beautiful sound when used in trumpet songs. James Last Orchestra also featured many fine trumpet players. The above site has trumpet tips, trumpet websites, sites, and trumpet lessons.